Club Rules


Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children follow all pool rules.  Our Aquatics staff is ready to serve you and keep you safe this season.  Many of our lifeguards spent their Spring Break getting and renewing their certifications.  Our Gate Keepers will also be CPR & First Aid Certified to support our lifeguards and help keep our membership and pool deck a safe place to be.  All staff will be utilizing a “3 Strikes, You’re Out” policy with our youth members.  This means that if a child is breaking a rule or behaving in an unsafe manner:

  • they will be reminded of the rule (Strike 1).
  • the second time, they will be reminded and warned of consequences (Strike 2).
  • the third time will be an immediate removal from the pool and they will be required to have timeout (Strike 3).

Please help our staff keep the kids safe and review pool rules and general pool safety with your child at the beginning of the season.  It is not our wish to bench children, but it is important that our pool environment remain safe.  Eliminating repeated warnings allows our Lifeguards to stay focused on aquatic safety for all.  If your swimmer wishes to swim in the deep end, past the black line, please arrange with the Gate Keeper to have your child take the swim test.  The Lifeguard on duty will administer swim tests during the swim break.  Just a reminder that our youth members must be at least 12 years old or accompanied by a responsible member 16 years or older to be at the pool.  Thank you in advance for your support of our staff.


Audio devices, such as, but not limited to CD players and radios, may only be used with headphones. Such devices may be used without headphones (1) in the back picnic area, with the volume at an appropriate level, as determined by the Gatekeeper; (2) as determined by the event coordinator at a PHAI social event.

There shall be no tampering with pool or PHAI equipment. These rules to include, but not limited to: no playing with pool drains; no hanging on, swimming under or over lane lines or Aqua-stairs; no sitting on the diving board or Aqua-stairs; no climbing on or sitting on Lifeguard stand; no use of swim team equipment except as approved by Swim Team Coaches.

Lounge chairs are for use by all members and guests, with adults given priority of availability. Upon preparing to leave the facility, members shall return lounge chairs to a neat and stacked condition near the wading pool. Lounge chairs are not allowed in the back picnic area.

There shall be no pushing, dunking, chicken fights, or throwing people.

No potentially hazardous swimming toys or equipment shall be used within the facility. No toys small enough to get into the filter shall be used in the pool. Use of swimming toys and equipment in the pool are limited to plastic or rubber materials and use of said equipment shall be determined by the Lifeguard, based on number of people in the pool.

No person with an open sore, or cut, or wearing a bandage shall enter the pool except with approval of the Lifeguard on Duty.

Diving board shall be open for use only when Lifeguard is on duty. Divers shall take only one spring before diving straight off the front of the board; divers must swim immediately away from the diving area; only one person shall be on the diving board at any time. Restrictions for use of the diving board shall include, but are not be limited to: no handstands, cartwheels, sit dives, or diving off the sides of the diving board. There shall be no bombing people, or jumping, or diving backwards. No hanging on the underside of the diving board. The diving board setting must remain between 4 and 5.

Diving must take place past the black line towards the deep end of the pool and dives must be straight off the deck. Restrictions include, but are not limited to: no handstands, cartwheels, or backward jumps or dives. There shall be no bombing people.

No running is permitted on the pool deck.

Glass containers and breakable objects must be confined to the back picnic area. No glass containers or breakable objects shall be allowed in or about the pool area.

Food may be consumed on the lawn area around the pool and in the back picnic area. No gum is allowed in the pool.

There shall be no smoking within the pool or facility, or within forty (40) feet of the main entry gate. Smoking is permitted only in the parking lot area.

No pets shall be allowed in the pool or facility.


We love to share our pool facility with guests.  Please be sure that you accompany and are responsible for your guest’s use of the pool.  Guests are required to be signed in when you arrive.  We are limited to four guests at any one time.  If you’d like to host a larger group, be sure to contact the Pool Manager about hosting a party at the pool.